Yatri Luggage products have established a worldwide reputation for brilliant ingenuity. Timeless design and unsurpassed quality. Our powerful heritage and enduring success are built on our unending commitment to advancement – sometimes evolutionary, sometimes revolutionary – in the function and aesthetics of every product we sell.

bag1Briefcases: Yatri Luggage have always had an excellent reputation for producing high quality, stylish business travel gear. Our designers raised the bar yet again with the introduction of the ARCHITECTURE 2.0 RANGE, an expanded collection of business travel gear and accessories which complements the current WT BUSINESS RANGE AND delivers the breathtaking function, quality and value you expect from Yatri Luggage.

bag2Upright  Strollies: It’s not how far you go, it’s how well you travel. As the latest edition to the Yatri Luggage  range, Tour bags offers proprietary, fabric, aircraft-grade aluminium handles and a travel luxury care  program including the carry with confidence plus guarantee. With our latest Collections, you will travel with an ingenious blend of luxurious style and cutting edge packing and traveling functionality whilst the Polo Collection adds a touch of adventure to the range.

bag3Trek Pack : Blending the convenience of a wheel and handle system with the flexibility to convert to a high performance, ergonomic backpack, the Trek Pack  Series provides outstanding travel options no matter what your travel style. With  ranging from rugged wheeled travel packs and docking bags to trek duffels, this series has something for every traveller.

bag4Backpacks Collection: Yatri Luggage has its Backpack Collections which is  more compelling and easier to buy than ever. The latest collection extends beyond bags that carry books with a group of popular lifestyle that are perfect for everyday use.

  • HANDLE TEST- 1000 Times, Tested By Giving Jerks To The Handle For 1000 Times In A Loaded Condition.
  • WHEEL TEST-20 KMs, Wheel Is Been Carried For 20 Kms In A Loaded Condition To Check The Wear And Tear For Wheels.
  • THE DROP TEST- Dropping The Bag 5 Times On The Ground At All Corners And Sides At Atmospheric Temperature And Deep Freezing Temperature .
  • THE ZIPPER TEST- 10000 Times Force Applied To Sliders And Zippers To Test The Strength Of Zippers.
  • THE TUMBLE TEST-50. This Test Is Been Carried By Tumbling The Bags In A Tumbler At 50 Cycles In A Loaded Condition.